About Ramon


Photographer Ramon Estrada prides himself on these attributes. Located in Sonoma, California, Ramon has been in the photography business for over 20 years and has perfected the style of combining classic traditions with modern, edgy techniques.

Early on, Ramon had an itch for the artistic. He quickly found his passion for photography, immersing himself in the worlds of fashion and music. Through these experiences he developed a discerning artistic eye and solidified his unique style.

It wasn’t until his friend, Patrick Dempsey, got married in 1999 that Ramon got his first taste of wedding photography. Ramon decided to take candid shots of the Dempsey wedding in Maine as a gift to his friends. The couple ended up liking many of his photos over the hired photographer’s. As a result, this event piqued Ramon’s interest:

“I realized that I could infuse all I’d learned aesthetically into the whole production of a wedding and erase the stigma attached to typical wedding photography. ”

Based on their referral, he was hired to shoot Drew Barrymore’s wedding. Recognizing his natural talent to pull all of his fashion-forward experience into photographing weddings, he realized that this was his calling. With a desire to leave the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, and to raise his twin daughters in a family oriented community, Ramon relocated to Sonoma County, a prime wedding destination.

Currently, he is actively involved in wedding and event photography. Clients turn to Ramon for his personal approach, warm personality, and traces of the avant-garde in his touch. He also continues to work with commercial clients, which provide him a source of inspiration as well as exposure to current creative trends and techniques.